All Equities Traded in United States

JCQQApi Group CorpOTC Stock
EGPCXAB Cap FundMutual Fund
EGPAXAB Cap FundMutual Fund
BLPFXAmerican Funds ModerateMutual Fund
BLPDXAmerican Funds ModerateMutual Fund
BLPEXAmerican Funds ModerateMutual Fund
BLPCXAmerican Funds ModerateMutual Fund
AHLAXAmerican Beacon AHLMutual Fund
AHKSFAsahi Kaisai CorpOTC Stock
AHL-EAspen Insurance HoldingsStock
AHL-DAspen Insurance HoldingsStock
AHL-CAspen Insurance HoldingsStock
QECRXAQR Emerging MultiMutual Fund
AGVRXInvesco U SMutual Fund
AGVSXInvesco US GovernmentMutual Fund
AGVHXAmerican Funds GlobalMutual Fund
AGVEXAmerican Funds GlobalMutual Fund
AGVDXAmerican Funds GlobalMutual Fund
AGVGXAmerican Funds GlobalMutual Fund
AGVFXAmerican Funds GlobalMutual Fund
AGVCXInvesco U SMutual Fund
AGWUXAmerican Century GrowthMutual Fund
AGWRXAmerican Century GrowthMutual Fund
AGVYXInvesco U SMutual Fund
COTCXAquila Tax FreeMutual Fund
AGGWXAmerican Century GlobalMutual Fund
AGGYXInvesco Global GrowthMutual Fund
AGGRXAmerican Century GlobalMutual Fund
AGGNXAmerican Century GlobalMutual Fund
AGGHFAgrios Global HoldingsOTC Stock
AGGIXFocused Global GrowthMutual Fund
AGGDXFocused Global GrowthMutual Fund
AGGCXInvesco Global GrowthMutual Fund
AGGFXInvesco Global GrowthMutual Fund
PQNCXAllianzGI NFJ MidMutual Fund
AGGAXInvesco Global GrowthMutual Fund
AGFZX361 Global ManagedMutual Fund
RHGTXAmerican Funds 2040Mutual Fund
QDARXAQR Diversified ArbitrageMutual Fund
PQNAXAllianzGI NFJ MidMutual Fund
COTYXAquila Tax FreeMutual Fund
AGHPXAllianzgi Global HighMutual Fund
AALTXAmerican Fds 2050Mutual Fund
AALRXAmerican Beacon LargeMutual Fund
LLLLXAllianzGI Best StylesMutual Fund
AALGXThrivent Large CapMutual Fund
AALBFAalberts NVOTC Stock
ASAIXAQR Multi StrategyMutual Fund
ASADXShort Duration StrategicMutual Fund
AAMRQAmerican Airlines GroupStock
RBJTXAmerican Fds 2015Mutual Fund
ASACXAllianzGI Global DynamicMutual Fund
AAMTXAmerican Funds 2055Mutual Fund
ASAGFAustralian AgricultuOTC Stock
AAMPXAllianzGI Micro CapMutual Fund
AAMOXThe Alger PortfoliosMutual Fund
AAMIXAbsolute Capital AssetMutual Fund
AAMAXAbsolute Capital AssetMutual Fund
AAMCXAbsolute Capital AssetMutual Fund
AAMBXThrivent Municipal BondMutual Fund
RBKTXAmerican Fds 2040Mutual Fund
IOFAXAlphaCentric Income OpportunitiMutual Fund
IOFCXAlphaCentric Income OpportunitiMutual Fund
IOFIXAlphaCentric Income OpportunitiMutual Fund
APXSQGolden Minerals CoStock
APXTUApex Technology AcquisitionStock
APXTWApex Technology AcquisitionStock
APYRFAllied Pptys ROTC Stock
HFQAAXADT 1947 StrategicFund
HFQABXADT 1965 StrategicFund
DAPBBXADT 1959 DividendFund
DAPBCXADT 1970 DividendFund
DAPBAXADT 1938 DividendFund
DAPAYXADT 1903 DividendFund
DAPAZXADT 1925 DividendFund
DAPAWXADT 1889 DividendFund
NLY-PAAnnaly Capital ManagementStock
NLY-PDAnnaly Capital ManagementStock
NLY-PEAnnaly Capital ManagementStock
NLY-PCAnnaly Capital ManagementStock
NLY-PIAnnaly Capital ManagementStock
NLY-PFAnnaly Capital ManagementStock
NLY-PGAnnaly Capital ManagementStock
FOPAOXADT 1964 FinancialFund
FOPANXADT 1946 FinancialFund
FOPAMXADT 1933 FinancialFund
FOPALXADT 1916 FinancialFund
FOPAKXADT 1895 FinancialFund
FOPAJXADT 1878 FinancialFund
FOPAIXADT 1860 FinancialFund
FOPAHXADT 1850 FinancialFund
ALLY-PBAlly FinancialStock
ALLY-PAGMAC Capital TrustStock

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