Citigroup Market Capitalization Over Time

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With this module, investors can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible portfolio assets. Continue to Citigroup Performance and Citigroup Correlation.

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As of June 4, 2020, Market Capitalization is expected to decline to about 161.3 B.

  Citigroup Quarterly Market Capitalization

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164 B126.3 B167.1 B219.8 B233.9 B243.1 B308.8 B371.1 B324.6 B437.2 B393.3 B
36.8 B33.5 B52.8 B55.5 B60.5 B53.5 B46.2 B45.8 B31.7 B36.4 B19.9 B
26.5 B43.7 B51.5 B52.6 B43.9 B47 B58.7 B59.3 B57.9 B66.5 B31.3 B
138.2 B134.8 B189.7 B203.7 B177.9 B151.7 B158.2 B208.5 B167.1 B159.2 B106.7 B
20.2 B27.5 B36.4 B53.7 B49.8 B51.9 B54.6 B71.6 B41.4 B47.6 B20.4 B
57.2 B27.9 B30 B40.2 B39.9 B34.7 B27.9 B37.3 B27.7 B34.3 B32.1 B
75.7 B76.9 B116 B158 B163.9 B154.2 B169.4 B196.7 B127.1 B174.4 B161.3 B
21.8 B31.5 B34.4 B36.5 B30.4 B29.8 B35 B37.9 B37.8 B43.4 B25.6 B
41.4 B59.2 B72 B74.1 B57.2 B64.7 B77.9 B64.4 B70.3 B80.9 B68.8 B
1.4 B2.9 BB4.8 B5.6 BB7.3 B8.8 B6.3 B7.1 BB

Citigroup and related stocks such as JP Morgan Chase, Barclays PLC, Bank Of Montreal, HSBC Holdings Plc, ING Group N, Credit Suisse Group, Canadian Imperial Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, East West Bancorp Market Capitalization description

Market capitalization (or market cap) is the total value of the shares outstanding of Citigroup. It is equal to Citigroup current share price times the number of Citigroup outstanding shares. Represents the product of [SharesBas]; [Price] and [ShareFactor].

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C - USA Stock
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Citigroup Fama & French Banking
Fama & French Classification
RegionNorth America
ExchangeBATS Exchange
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