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Babcock Wilcox employes about 2.4 K people. The company is managed by 35 executives with total tenure of roughly 67 years, averaging almost 1.0 years of service per executive having 68.57 employees per reported executive. Recap of Babcock Wilcox management performance can provide insight into the venture performance. Note, employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with Babcock Wilcox Enter future performance. Continue to Trending Equities.

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  Randall Data  CEO
Sr. Advisor To The CEO
  Kenneth Young  CEO
Chief Executive Officer
  Kenny Young  CEO

  Return on Sales

Babcock Wilcox Management Team Effectiveness

Babcock Wilcox Enter has Return on Asset (ROA) of (0.0019) % which means that for every 100 dollars spent on asset it generated loss of $0.0019. This is way below average. Likewise, it shows return on total equity (ROE) of 0.3931 % which means that it produced $0.3931 on every 100 dollars invested by current stockholders. Babcock Wilcox management efficiency ratios could be used to measure of how well the company is managing its routine affairs as well as how well it utilizes its assets and manages liabilities. Return on Average Equity is likely to grow to 0.39 in 2020, whereas Return on Investment is likely to drop (290.76)  in 2020. Babcock Wilcox Tangible Asset Value is fairly stable at the moment as compared to the last year. Babcock Wilcox reported Tangible Asset Value of 554.06 Million in 2019. Babcock Wilcox Total Liabilities is fairly stable at the moment as compared to the last year. Babcock Wilcox reported Total Liabilities of 921.46 Million in 2019. Liabilities Non Current is likely to grow to about 358.8 M in 2020, whereas Current Liabilities is likely to drop slightly above 561.4 M in 2020. Babcock Wilcox Weighted Average Shares is fairly stable at the moment as compared to the last year. Babcock Wilcox reported Weighted Average Shares of 31.51 Million in 2019. Weighted Average Shares Diluted is likely to grow to about 34 M in 2020, whereas Issuance Purchase of Equity Shares is likely to drop slightly above 41.3 M in 2020.

  Babcock Wilcox Quarterly Total Assets

Babcock Wilcox Workforce Comparison

Babcock Wilcox Enterprises is rated below average in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Electrical Equipment & Parts industry is currently estimated at about 259,922. Babcock Wilcox maintains roughly 2,400 in number of employees contributing less than 1% to equities under Electrical Equipment & Parts industry.

Babcock Wilcox Insider Trading

Babcock Wilcox Enter Benchmark Summation

The output start index for this execution was fourteen with a total number of output elements of fourty-seven. The Lowest and highest values over a specified period plots line showing minimum and maximum value of Babcock Wilcox Enter price series. View also all equity analysis or get more info about lowest and highest values over a specified period math operators indicator.

Babcock Wilcox Stakeholders

Randall Data Sr. Advisor To The CEO
Kenneth Young Chief Executive Officer
Kenny Young CEO
James Ferland Chairman and CEO
Larry Weyers CEO and President Director, Chairman of Compensation Committee and Member of Audit and Fin. Committee
Matthew Avril Independent Chairman of the Board
Megan Wilson Vice President Corporate Development & Investor Relations
J Hall Senior Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Louis Salamone Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
James Muckley Senior Vice President - Operations
D Scavuzzo Senior Vice President - Global Power
Jimmy Morgan Senior Vice President - Babcock & Wilcox
Leslie Kass Vice President - Investor Relations & Communications
Chase Jacobson Vice President Investor Relations
Francesco Racheli Senior Vice President - Babcock & Wilcox SPIG
Wendy Radtke Chief Human Resource Officer, Senior Vice President
Kenneth Zak Senior Vice President - Industrial Environmental
Mark Low Senior Vice President - Global Services
Daniel Hoehn Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President Controller
Joel Mostrom Interim CFO
Jenny Apker CFO and Sr. VP
Peter Goumas Sr. VP of Operations
Mark Carano Sr. VP of Corporate Devel. and Treasurer
Elias Gedeon Chief Bus. Devel. Officer and Sr. VP
Thomas Christopher Independent Director
Stephen Hanks Independent Director
Henry Bartoli Chief Strategy Officer, Director
Alan Howe Independent Director
Anne Pramaggiore Independent Director
Brian Kahn Independent Director
Bryant Riley Director
Brian Ferraioli Independent Director
Cynthia Dubin Independent Director
Kenneth Siegel Independent Director
Robert Caruso Chief Implementation Officer

About Babcock Wilcox Management Performance

The success or failure of an entity such as Babcock Wilcox Enter often depends on how effective the management is. Babcock Wilcox management team is responsible for propelling the future growth in the right direction and for administering and controlling the business activities and accounting for the results. Ineffective management usually contributes to failure in the company's future performance for all stakeholders equally, but most importantly, for investors. So it is important to measure the effectiveness of Babcock management before purchasing its stock. It's all about finding the answer to one important question - Are they doing the right thing right now? How would we assess whether the Babcock management is utilizing all available resources in the best possible way? Also, how well is the company doing, relative to others in its sector and the market as a whole? The answer can be found by analyzing a few important fundamental indicators such as return on assets and return on equity. Please read more on our stock advisor page.
Last ReportedProjected for 2020
Return on Investment(283.31) (290.76) 
Return on Average Assets(0.17) (0.0019) 
Return on Average Equity 0.38  0.39 
Return on Invested Capital(0.12) (0.12) 
Return on Sales(0.025) (0.026974) 
Babcock Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. provides fossil and renewable power generation and environmental equipment for the power and industrial markets worldwide. Babcock Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1867 and is headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Babcock Wilcox operates under Electrical Equipment Parts classification in USA and is traded on BATS Exchange. It employs 2400 people.

Babcock Wilcox Manpower Efficiency

Return on Babcock Wilcox Manpower

Revenue Per Employee224.9 K
Revenue Per Executive28.5 M
Net Loss Per Employee214 K
Net Loss Per Executive11.7 M
Working Capital Per Employee173.7 K
Working Capital Per Executive11.9 M

Per Employee

Babcock Wilcox Per Employee Growth Over Time

  Net Income Per Employee

  Revenue Per Employee

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