Morningstar Target Price and Analyst Consensus

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The current analyst and expert consensus on Morningstar is Hold, with 0 strong sell and 0 strong buy opinions. The current projected Morningstar target price consensus is 75.0 with 1 analyst opinions. The most common way Morningstar analysts use to provide recommendation to the public is financial statements analysis. Many experts also interview Morningstar executives and customers to further validate their buy or sell advice. Please note, the number of analysts providing the opinion is not sufficient to provide adequate consensus on Morningstar. We encourage you to use your own analysis of Morningstar to validate this buy or sell advice. Morningstar buy or sell recommendation module provides average expert sentiment on the projected Morningstar target price to derive its highest and lowest estimates based on projected price volatility of 0.0. Additionally, see Macroaxis Advice on Morningstar to cross-verify analyst projections. Unlike analyst recommendations, Macroaxis provides advice only from the perspective of investor risk tolerance and investment horizon.

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Gross Profit is projected to rize to about 695.9 M this year. Profit Margin is projected to rize to 0.14 this yearThe current value of Book Value per Share is projected to fall to 23.26. The Price to Book Value is projected to fall to 5.88.

Morningstar Target Price Consensus

Number of OpinionsOne
Lowered Outlook0
Raized Outlook0
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Morningstar Target Price Projection

Current Price

Morningstar Market Quote

Low Price148.88Odds
High Price153.87Odds


Target Price

Analyst Consensus On Target Price

Low Estimate75.0Odds
High Estimate75.0Odds
Number of AnalystsOne
Standard Deviation0.0


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About Morningstar Target Price Projections

Morningstar's target price is an analyst's projection of its future price. Price targets can be assigned to all types of securities, from complex investment products to stocks such as Morningstar and even bonds. If the target price is unavailable, it is most likely because there were not enough analyst opinions to come up with a consensus estimate. When setting a price target estimate, an analyst is trying to determine what the Stock is worth and where the price will be in a year from now. Generally, the target price of Morningstar depends on its intrinsic valuation, beta (i.e. risk over market), and overall volatility. Most analysts publish their price targets in research reports on specific companies, along with their buy, hold, or sell recommendations. Stock price targets are often quoted in the financial news media. Macroaxis uses multiple feeds to provide overall target price projection for Morningstar
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Long Term Debt to Equity0.074890.4633630.499944
Interest Coverage119.8921.7922.36
Morningstar, Inc. provides independent investment research services in North America, Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, the United Kingdom, and internationally. Morningstar, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Morningstar operates under Financial Data Stock Exchanges classification in USA and is traded on BATS Exchange. It employs 6896 people.
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