Koss Stock Chart Trends and Technical Patterns

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KOSS -- USA Stock  

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This module allows you to plot Koss against other equities to check for different price appreciation patterns. Koss Corporation can be compared to up to 10 different equities over a specified time horizon. Use comma (,) to separate each symbol. If not specified, the peers will be provided automatically based on Macroaxis sector classification standards for Koss Corporation. To filter out specific equities, please toggle its corresponding legend item. Please see Stocks Correlation.

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As an investor, you can analyze the fundamental pricing momentum and return patterns of Koss Corporation using the variety of Macroaxis charts. Price and return charts with technical indicators help investors not only visualize the movement but also find long-term investing opportunities.

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Despite being surrounded by normalized and non-normalized data, technical analysis and forecasting of Koss chart patterns provide a lot of insight regarding the behavior of crowds concerning fear and greed. Investors that are interested in a particular stock such as Koss can be considered to be 'the market' for Koss stock. The emotional state of those investors is what determines the price for Koss. If more investors feel that Koss Stock will rise, it most likely will increase; and if more investors feel that the Koss price will fall, then it will fall. Thus, a stock's price change over time is the most accurate record of the emotional state (i.e., the fear and the greed) of the market for that stock, and thus, technical analysis is, at its core, a study of crowd behavior. Macroaxis various charting interfaces help investors to find opportunities and time the market.

Koss Momentum Indicator Charts

Peer indicators

At Risk
 5.97  1.34  0.24  1.50  4.59  0.15 (8.14)  18.97 (9.09)  53.25 
 4.86  0.26  0.03  0.81  5.02  0.0267 (5.49)  11.89 (8.01)  23.51 
 2.59  0.25  0.01 (0.58)  3.15  0.0109 (2.64)  4.91 (5.02)  17.34 
 2.65  0.05 (0.01)  0.31  3.34 (0.014) (3.02)  5.34 (6.17)  20.12 
 6.70  2.47  0.28 (2.25)  5.80  0.20 (7.56)  21.28 (8.55)  76.77 
 3.26  1.10  0.19 (7.97)  4.15  0.21 (3.66)  8.86 (6.21)  24.60 
 2.95  0.21  0.01  0.50  5.24  0.0165 (14.24)  6.98 (11.54)  66.67 
 3.97  1.67  0.28  15.62  4.06  0.28 (4.60)  11.97 (4.93)  32.61 
 2.32  1.10  0.37  7.82  1.63  0.30 (2.71)  7.68 (2.81)  15.90 
 1.83 (0.05)  0.00  0.76  0.00 (0.09)  0.00  3.85 (5.25)  11.98 

Koss Predictive Pattern Charts

The function did not generate any output. Please change time horizon or modify your input parameters. The output start index for this execution was seven with a total number of output elements of fifty-four. The function did not return any valid pattern recognition events for the selected time horizon. The Tasuki Gap pattern shows Koss continuation trend for either bearish or bullish conditions. View also all equity analysis or get more info about tasuki gap pattern recognition indicator.

Koss Trend Drivers

Koss Corporation Basic Value Drivers

Average Daily Volume Last 10 Day30.07k
Average Daily Volume In Three Month89.78k
Fifty Day Average1.3709
Enterprise Value To Ebitda-43.21
Two Hundred Day Average1.2831
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