GM Interest Coverage vs Long Term Debt to Equity Analysis

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GM financial indicator trend analysis is much more than just examining General Motors latest accounting drivers to predict future trends. We encourage investors to analyze account correlations over time for multiple indicators to determine whether General Motors is a good investment. Please check the relationship between GM Interest Coverage and its Long Term Debt to Equity accounts. Please check Risk vs Return Analysis.

Interest Coverage vs Long Term Debt to Equity

Accounts Relationship

Interest Coverage vs Long Term Debt to Equity

Significance: Pay attention

Interest Coverage diversification synergy
Overlapping area represents amount of trend that can be explained by analyzing historical patterns of General Motors Interest Coverage account and Long Term Debt to Equity

Correlation Coefficient

Relationship DirectionNegative 
Relationship StrengthSignificant

Interest Coverage

Long Term Debt to Equity

Most indicators from GM fundamental ratios are interrelated and interconnected. However, analyzing fundamental ratios indicators one by one will only give a small insight into General Motors current financial condition. On the other hand, looking into the entire matrix of fundamental ratios indicators, and analyzing their relationships over time can provide a more complete picture of the company financial strength now and in the future. Please check Risk vs Return Analysis.GM Net Loss Income from Discontinued Operations is considerably stable at the moment as compared to the last year. The company current value of Net Loss Income from Discontinued Operations is estimated at about 82.62 Million. Selling General and Administrative Expense is projected to rize to about 9.2 B this year, although the value of Net Cash Flow Business Acquisitions and Disposals will most likely fall to (742.6 M).
 2017 2018 2019 2020 (projected)
Interest Expense575 M655 M782 M658.4 M
Gross Profit18.23 B14.1 B13.97 B14.14 B
General Motors Company designs, builds, and sells cars, trucks, crossovers, and automobile parts worldwide. General Motors Company was founded in 1908 and is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. GM operates under Auto Manufacturers classification in USA and is traded on BATS Exchange. It employs 164000 people.

GM fundamental ratios Correlations

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GM Account Relationship Matchups

GM fundamental ratios Accounts

2014201520162017201820192020 (projected)
Inventories13.64 B13.76 B13.79 B10.66 B9.82 B10.4 B12.84 B
Receivables25.61 B26.39 B31.7 B28.68 B33.4 B33.4 B27.48 B
Accounts Payable22.53 B24.06 B26.96 B23.93 B22.3 B21.02 B24.7 B
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income(8.07 B)(8.04 B)(9.33 B)(8.01 B)(9.04 B)(11.16 B)(11.45 B)
Total Assets177.5 B194.34 B221.69 B212.48 B227.34 B228.04 B194.52 B
Current Assets83.63 B69.41 B76.2 B68.74 B75.29 B74.99 B78.01 B
Assets Non Current93.88 B124.93 B145.49 B143.74 B152.05 B153.04 B146.72 B
Cash and Equivalents18.95 B15.24 B12.57 B15.51 B20.84 B19.07 B34.53 B
Cash and Equivalents USD18.95 B15.24 B12.57 B15.51 B20.84 B19.07 B17.57 B
Total Debt46.66 B63.11 B75.12 B94.22 B104.95 B103.32 B128.76 B
Debt Current14.94 B19.56 B23.8 B26.96 B31.89 B37.4 B30.2 B
Debt Non Current31.72 B43.55 B51.33 B67.25 B73.06 B65.92 B56.89 B
Total Debt USD46.66 B63.11 B75.12 B94.22 B104.95 B103.32 B87.09 B
Shareholders Equity35.46 B39.87 B43.84 B35 B38.86 B41.79 B44.46 B
Shareholders Equity USD35.46 B39.87 B43.84 B35 B38.86 B41.79 B44.46 B
Goodwill and Intangible Assets6.41 B5.95 B6.15 B5.85 B5.58 B5.34 B5.48 B
Inventory13.64 B13.76 B11.04 B10.66 B9.82 B10.4 B10.72 B
Investments19.84 B17.36 B20.84 B17.39 B15.18 B12.74 B14.34 B
Investments Current10.56 B8.16 B11.84 B8.31 B5.97 B4.17 B6.11 B
Investments Non Current9.29 B9.2 B9 B9.07 B9.21 B8.56 B9.63 B
Total Liabilities141.48 B154.01 B177.62 B176.28 B184.56 B182.08 B180.3 B
Current Liabilities65.66 B71.22 B85.18 B76.89 B82.24 B84.91 B71.47 B
Liabilities Non Current75.82 B82.8 B92.43 B99.39 B102.33 B97.17 B96.08 B
Trade and Non Trade Payables22.53 B24.06 B23.33 B23.93 B22.3 B21.02 B20.83 B
Property Plant and Equipment Net38.37 B54.18 B68.06 B80.24 B82.32 B80.81 B72.13 B
Trade and Non Trade Receivables41.61 B44.89 B41.83 B49.89 B58.48 B59.75 B54.09 B
Accumulated Retained Earnings Deficit14.58 B20.29 B26.17 B17.63 B22.32 B26.86 B23.35 B
Tax Assets35.17 B36.86 B33.17 B23.54 B24.08 B24.64 B28.98 B
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